Strolling along Magnolia Hill Manor

Entering the manor from Lynchburg Rd.

New parking lot allows many guests easy parking and access to the Manor.

The side porch faces the Black Walnut trees and Memorial Garden. A lovely place to sit and relax under the shade of the Dogwood trees.

Walking around to the front of the house is another porch that overlooks friends and neighbors as they drive by. A beautiful place to say your vows with guests sitting under a large Magnolia tree.

The gazebo has a beautiful view of the hillside and lake. A lovely place to relax with a cool southern breeze. There is a garden path that is now being  planted for seating behind the gazebo, for those who want a better view.

The gazebo is next to a large patio that is set up for outside parties and dinning. Lantern lights keep the area nicely lit with white lights twinkling in the trees. 

The building that you see was once the outside kitchen for the Henderson family. The kitchen was later moved into the basement. The first house in Winchester to have an indoor kitchen.

A smaller gazebo is located next to the patio. This has been used for several wedding ceremonies and vow renewals.

We are in the process of landscaping a garden of flowers around the gazebo.

We hope that you enjoyed your stroll around Magnolia Hill Manor. Every event that we host helps to preserve and pass on this wonderful historic home to future generations. 

Our upcoming projects include:

  • Landscaping a patio and dinning area in the back yard 

  • Enclosing the side patio for inside dinning for large parties and events.